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Polyvine - Chalk Paint Maker

Polyvine - Chalk Paint Maker

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Polyvine Chalk Paint Maker, this unique formulation turns any emulsion paint into a chalk paint when mixed together, to create a velvety smooth, chalky finish. Varnished or painted surfaces rarely need priming, making furniture renovation simple.

Ideal To Use For:-

  • vintage look
  • upcycled furniture
  • distressing
  • shabby chic
  • wood
  • stone
  • ceramic
  • primed metal
  • primed matt plastic.


  • Velvet smooth
  • Dead flat finish
  • Rarely requires any surface preparation
  • Works over old painted or varnished surfaces
  • Covers in one coat
  • Low odour
  • Brushes and tools washed in water


  • Exactly the same as the emulsion you have mixed it in.

Drying Time:-

  • The same as the emulsion you have mixed it in.


  • Using one part Chalk Paint Maker to two parts matt emulsion, thoroughly mix together.
  • All surfaces must be clean and free from dust, dirt, oil and contamination.
  • Clean off any wax with white spirit.
  • Prime bare metal and plastic.
  • Work in exactly the same way as the instructions on your emulsion paint can.
  • Lightly rub down between coats.
  • For a distressed look, apply 2 coats of contrasting colours.  When dry sand through top coat to reveal base coat colour.
  • Protect with a top coat, varnish or wax.


  • Always apply to a test area.


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