How To Apply Woodubend

How to WoodUbend

What You Need

  • Wood glue (any type)
  • Heat gun or hair drier
  • Your WoodUbend moulding
  • Kitchen Roll (in case things get messy).

Step One - Heat your WoodUbend – depending on the size and thickness of your mould this could take a few seconds to nearly a minute.

TIP: - even if you think you are sticking WoodUbend to a completely flat surface we ALWAYS recommend heating before application.

Step Two - Apply The Glue – using a small tipped brush, apply the glue, an average amount is fine, not too much to create over spill once stuck down

FACT: - We always use a wood glue as it adheres best to the moulding and consolidates with molecular structure of WoodUbend.

Step Three - Press the Moulding against the area that you want to apply it to.   Using some pressure, press the moulding holding down around the contours, you may need to introduce a heat gun if the moulding has cooled down from Step Two.

Hold the moulding in place, until cooled, as a general rule the moulding takes equally as long to cool down as it does to heat up!

TIP: wipe away any excess glue that has spilled out.  It is easily wiped away using a baby wipe, kitchen roll, cotton buds or even your fingers.