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Unit 11 Greenbelt Holdings, Borough Road, Gallowfields Trading Estate, Richmond, N Yorkshire, DL10 4SX

Opening Hours - 
Monday - 10am - 3pm
Tuesday - 10am - 3pm
Wednesday - 10am - 3pm
Thursday - Closed
Friday - 10am - 3pm
Saturday - 9.30am - 11.30 noon
Sunday - Closed
Or by appointment outside of these times
Tel 07724 764495 to make an appointment


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Bank Holiday Closure

Bank Holidays - this does not effect online orders.   Any orders place over a bank holiday will be shipped the day after the holiday has finished.

All dates are inclusive

1st - 3rd January 2023

7th - 10th April 2023

1st May 2023

8th May 2023

29th May 2023

28th August 2023

21st December 2023 - 2nd January 2024 inclusive


Extra Closures

Thursday 31st August - Monday 4th September 2023 inclusive

This will not effect you making any online orders but please note that any orders during this time will not ship until Tuesday 5th.