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PolyOnlay Trim TS123 - Decorative Trim Strip - pack of 2

PolyOnlay Trim TS123 - Decorative Trim Strip - pack of 2

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Create stunning designs on furniture, craft projects or art works with PolyOnlay.

Polyonlay’s Decorative Trim Strip is a laser cut design that is both bendable and paintable. Glue on to furniture or craft projects to add adorable design.

Paint before application or apply and then paint with the piece. Onlays can be stained, foiled, gilded or waxed to accent the detail. The onlays can be cut with scissors or craft knife and can bend around curves. We use a sponge to dab wood Glue on the back.

PolyOnlay is a brand new decorative material for the furniture and craft industry. We have created an innovative type of onlay made from a very strong and flexible wood pulp product. They are only 0.9 mm thick and can be decorated in the same way as raised stencils, embossing or reliefs. Patterns and shapes can be repeated with exact precision and with very little effort.

Our onlays:

  • Are water resistant, so they can be painted, stained, and washed
  • Can be decorated in any possible way – you can use paint, wax, glue, tissue, metallics or any other medium on and with them – or leave them as they are!
  • Are bendable, so they can be used on curved surfaces
  • Can be cut and sanded to fit a specific space
  • Can be used with any type of adhesive
  • Has Greenguard Gold Certification which means the product has extremely low VOC emissions and can safely be used by the whole family.

Size:- 560mm x 41.4mm each

Pack of 2

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