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Liquid Glass High Gloss Coating Resin

Liquid Glass High Gloss Coating Resin

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Aristocrat Liquid Glass high gloss coating is perfect for creating a clear, shiny and yet hard as glass surface.

Use On:

  • artwork
  • bar tops
  • tabletops
  • jewelry
  • crafts
  • plaster
  • fabrics
  • wood
  • photographs.

One coat is the same as 50 coats of urethane and gives a harder protective coating.


284ml will cover 1850 sq cm


  • Easily measure (1 to 1 ratio of hardener and resin) into your mixing cup.
  • Mix and stir well.
  • Pour or spread on level horizontal surfaces or apply with a brush on vertical surfaces.
  • 15 minutes after application wave a propane torch 4-6 inches above the surface to pop unwanted bubbles.
  • Finish is impervious to water, alcohol and most other chemicals.
  • Any spill on your Liquid Glass finish may be easily cleaned by just wiping it up or using soap and water.
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