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Dixie Belle

GLAZE - BLACK - 4oz/118ml, 8oz/237ml

GLAZE - BLACK - 4oz/118ml, 8oz/237ml

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Create depth and definition and take your projects to new creative levels with the Dixie Belle range of stunning, ready-mixed glazes: 

Ready-mixed for you, Dixie Belle’s glazes can be used over a dried paint finish to create depth and definition and take your projects to new creative levels.

Glaze works particularly well on pieces with some detailing, such as carvings, mouldings, bevelled edges – areas where the glaze can sit in nooks and crannies and make those features pop!

Glaze is a slow-drying medium (we refer to it as having a long ‘open time’), which means you have time to work your finish, but bear in mind that you must then allow it extra time to dry, much more than when using the paint.

You will also need to protect your glazed finish, once fully dry, with a top coat such as Clear Coat.

Explore the possibilities of different combinations, depending on whether you’re looking for a dramatic look or a more subtle style – dark over light colours for an aged look; dark over dark to change the tone and mood of your piece; metallics to create a shimmery, pearlised finish over your piece. There is literally no end to the possibilities, let your creativity run free!

How to Apply:

  • You can glaze once your paint is dry, or over a Clear Coat finish if preferred (allow 2 hours dry time). There is no right or wrong, it depends on the look you want to achieve. Bear in mind that Dixie Belle Paint is porous, so if you want an uneven look then glaze first (the glaze will absorb more quickly). If you prefer a more even, smooth look, then Clear Coat first before glazing.
  • Be sure the glaze is mixed really well before you start.
  • Working in sections.
  • Use a chip brush or sponge brush/pad and start applying the glaze to your furniture piece.
  • If your project has lots of detailing - nooks and crannies, carvings or mouldings - work the glaze into those details. Wipe away excess as you go to leave a professional finish.
  • If you need to remove glaze, simply wipe off with a damp rag or paper towel.
  • Finish with a coat of Clear Coat.
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