CRACKLE - Creates An Old And Weathered Look - 8oz/237ml

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Designed to produce consistent cracking of emulsion and chalk paints. This acrylic medium creates dramatic two colour aged effects. The crackle glaze is applied over an a base coat which will be the colour of the cracks. The top coat in the chosen colour is then applied over the glaze. The top coat cracks to reveal the base coat.

How To Use

  • Choose two colours of matt paint, one for the base coat (the colour of the cracks), the other for the top coat.
  • Apply the base coat and allow to dry. If a natural wood is desired as the base, apply 1 coat of Dixie Belle Clear Coat, let dry completely.
  • Mix the crackle glaze well.
  • Apply in one direction and allow to dry.  Tip: The thicker the application the larger the cracks.
  • Apply the topcoat at right angles to the crackle glaze coat. Load brush with generous amount of paint and apply in one pass only, allowing the paint to flow off the brush. DO NOT BACK BRUSH.
  • Do not over brush as this will mix the glaze and paint and no cracks will appear.
  • The thickness of the topcoat determines the size of the cracks – the thicker the coat the wider the cracks.
  • Let dry completely (approximately 24 hours).
  • Seal with Dixie Belle Clear Coat if desired.


Ideal For


furniture, skirting ,architrave, pottery, picture frames and decorative aged effects.

easy to apply, water based, low odour, quick drying, wash brushes and tools in water

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