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Antiquing Decor Wax - CLEAR - Art Alchemy 50ml

Antiquing Decor Wax - CLEAR - Art Alchemy 50ml

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CLEAR - Art Alchemy Antiquing Wax adding beautiful, natural looking satin finish. Clear Wax is a product which gives permanent, water-resistant finishing coat to your home decor or mixed media projects. For best results apply a thin coat on your project after all the surfaces are already dry and let the Clear Wax dry and cure completely for about 1 hour.
You can repeat the application and buff the surface with a soft cloth or brush. It can be used with coloured waxes to thin them down and get more transparency.
Great for applying with fingers, sponges, or a soft cloth. Perfect for adding colour and finishing touches to any mixed-media or home decor projects.

Separation can occur and is natural! As with many products made with oils, some separation may occur for a variety of reasons – this is not a defect. Simply mix the wax with a brush, or palette knife, to re-combine the ingredients. Once combined your wax is ready for use once again.

  • Permanent.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Size:- 20ml

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