Become An APS Retailer

Here at Baillea's Interiors, we are always looking for new retailers to add our collection of APS Foils around the UK.

What products are offered to retailers?

Our ArtsyVille Embellishments and Metallic Foils.

What is the benefit of being a retailer?

Our products allow businesses to grow their product lines; bringing many different options to their current clientelle. Foils are very versatile and are great for crafts, furniture, decor, home interior, workshops and many more activities.

What discount does a retailer receive?

Our retailers receive standard wholesaling pricing of 50% off suggested retail price.

What are the requirements?

Our retailers must have either a physical retail location or an online storefront. The opening order minimum is £350 and the yearly minimum orders total of £1,000 to maintain retailer status.

If you are interested, please complete the contact for below.

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