How To Apply Decor Poly Applique Moulding


  1. Ensure your work surface is clean, dry and free from dust or debris. This will help the applique adhere securely.  Ensure that the adhesive is compatible with polyurethane.
  2. Decide where you want to place the Decor Poly on your project.  Plan the positioning carefully to achieve the desired decorative effect.  Apply a generous amount of adhesive to the back of the applique.  Gently press the applique onto the desired spot on your project.  Hold it firmly in place for a few seconds to ensure a secure bond.
  3. If excess adhesive seeps out from the edges of the applique, wipe it away with a clean cloth or a damp sponge.  Make any necessary adjustments to the positioning while the adhesive is still wet.  Follow the drying and curing time recommended for the adhesive you used.  This may vary depending on the type of adhesive and environmental conditions.
  4. Once the applique is securely attached and the adhesive is fully cured you can paint, stain or finish it as desired to match your project's aesthetics.  Our Decor waxes work perfectly on our Decor Poly.

Maintenance and Care

Properly maintained polyurethane appliques are durable.  However, avoid exposing them to extreme heat or moisture as these conditions can affect the adhesive bond and the applique's appearance.


This product is flexible without requiring heat.  However, if exposed to extremely cold weather allow it to sit for 12-24 hours and it will regain full flexibility.