DECO FOIL TRANSFER GEL - by APS - Textile Friendly


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Deco Foil Fabric Transfer Gel DUO is the perfect adhesive for your fabric and clothing projects! Create with stencils or screens, a hot laminator, and any of our APS Foils.

Transfer Gel DUO is a permanent foil transfer gel. Work with and without heat - can be used on multiple surfaces including wood.

How To:-

  1. Tape your stencil in place and apply Deco Foils Transfer Gel across the stencil using a palette knife or similar tool.
  2. Return excess to jar.
  3. Let the gel dry approx 1 hour or until it is clear.
  4. Remove the stencil.
  5. Apply foil over stenciled area.
  6. Using Heat: Place inside a folded piece of parchment paper and run a hot iron over the paper. Allow to cool completely before removing the foil.
  7. Using Pressure: Run through manual die-cutting machine to apply pressure
  8. Gently peel away transfer sheet to reveal foiled stencil.

Clean Up:

  • Clean stencil immediately with cold water, washing up liquid and gently rub with you fingers.
  • Wipe excess gel from jar before recapping.

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