LEOPARD Stick and Style Stencil Roll - ReDesign with Prima

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LEOPARD Stick and Style Stencil Roll - ReDesign with Prima offers a unique one of a kind stencil, Stick & Style Stencil Rolls offer a unique and flexible design that can be used on any surface, including irregular or oddly shaped surfaces. With a slight tack, these stencils provide the necessary tackiness to provide perfect results every single time. Reusable and perfect for large areas and larger scale projects these stencil rolls will transform all your surfaces in one swipe.

Stick and Style stencils are good for furniture, walls and other home decor projects you have in mind.


  • No leakage
  • No Seeping
  • Firm Positioning
  • Non-slipping
  • Continuous/Repeatable design
  • Easy to Line up
  • Reuse multiple times
  • Professional Finish


2.75m x 17cm


  • Clean the surface you will be stencilling thoroughly, making sure it is free of any debris.  Roll out the desired length of the Stick & Style stencil roll and carefully adhere it onto the surface.
  • Use a Spread-Pa, palette knife, stencil brush or roller to apply your desired medium, making sure you spread it evenly.
  • Once done, carefully peel away the stencil revealing a crisp design.  Stencil may be reused if cleaned properly several times.  Used areas can be cut off the roll.

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