FACE COVER - Adult - Pink

FACE COVER - Adult - Pink

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 Product Description

  • Soft & breathable cotton
  • Fitted at nose with soft metal band
  • Pure pink cotton (outside) & plain white cotton (inside)
  • Double layered
  • Washable/Reusable
  • Clear colour difference between inside & outside
  • Soft & adjustable ear loops
  • Non Medical

 About the collection

This face covering is intended as a complimentary protective measure to current social distancing rules.  Using this covering in no way exonerates the person from recommended proactive and social distance rules 

 Size & Fit

23cm x 13cm

Made in one standardised size, designed to fit the face of an average adult. Mask should easily cover your face and mouth in a way that is snug and will not slip down.  Fitted at nose with inset metal strip. 

Care instructions

Face masks should be washed often & it’s recommended to have a few on hand so that you can rotate them regularly.   Machine wash your mask on a hot cycle. For extra safety you can iron your face mask once dry. 

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