Dixie Belle Colour Chart

Dixie Belle Colour Chart

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Dixie Belle Paint is a thick paint, so a little goes a long way. If you like a thinner look just add a little water and stir. Need it thicker - just leave off the lid.

Most pieces will take one to two coats for full coverage. Sometimes, after the first coat dries it will look blotchy but, don’t worry, after the second coat it will be beautiful!  

Sometimes you may see brushstrokes whilst painting, but as the paint dries they will disappear - Dixie Belle Paint is a great self-levelling paint.

Dixie Belle Paint does not necessarily need to be sealed, after its’ 30 day cure time, it is durable just the way it is.  However, if your project is likely to get above average wear and tear, consider applying a Clear Coat or Gator Hide for added protection.

If you’re painting on a shiny surface like glass, plastic, metal, veneer, melamine, ceramic then we would advise that you use Dixie Belle’s Slick Stick, prior to painting for a long-lasting, well adhered result.

Don’t forget, Dixie Belle Paints can be mixed with one another to create custom colours. 

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