Stone Effect Paste ReDesign with Prima  Pumice, Limestone, Concrete

STONE EFFECT PASTE Set Prima Art Extravagance 3 x 100ml

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Stone Effect Paste is an opaque paste with matte stone like finishes. Included are Pumice, Limestone and Concrete. Hard and permanent, yet flexible when dry, water based and non toxic. Perfect for creating a natural looking texture and adding dimension.

How To Apply:

  • For best results apply with a sponge, palette knife, texture tool or paintbrush.

  • Try adding small amounts of each Stone Effect Paste for more interesting looks.

  • Wash tools immediately to prevent the medium from drying on them.

  • To preserve your effect paste – make sure the edge of your jar is clean after use, if the paste thickens over time, add a little warm water or acrylic medium and stir to restore the consistency.

Pack contains:

1 x 100ml Pumice Effect Paste
1 x 100ml Concrete Effect Paste
1 x 100ml Limestone Effect Paste

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